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Who are we?

Posta Kutusu was established in 2011 to provide fast and accurate news to its readers.

Even though it was only established a very short time ago, every day an increasing number of readers are visiting Posta Kutusu for its fast, reliable and accurate news.

When we consider that the internet touches almost every aspect of our lives, Posta Kutusu provides current and breaking news in a manner which is free and effortless.

With its strong connections to the Turkish community living in the Turkish community living in the UK, Posta Kutusu will provide current and relevant news from the Turkish speaking world across the globe.

Posta Kutusu is only ever a moment away, with only a simple click needed to reach the daily agenda!

So what does Posta Kutusu have for you?

At Posta Kutusu you can find exclusive and current news concerning our local community as well as news regarding economy, politics, Turkish, Cypriot and global news, sports, art and exclusive interviews.

Moreover, journalists, academics and experts from Turkey and the rest of Europe share their ideas and information with you at Posta Kutusu.

Posta Kutusu creates an effective environment for its readers to participate in.

We know that nowadays social media is becoming increasingly popular and so Posta Kutusu shares news, information, photos and videos from its readers with its readers.

Who follows us?

The internet is everywhere! Whilst newspapers and printed press may not be readily available for all, digital media is now overtaking this role. With the awareness that a wider number of individuals from all age groups are now turning to digital media, it is clear that a wide range of age groups follow Posta Kutusu.

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